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A return visit to this great little local car show held at the Staffordshire Regimental Museum. There is a very relaxed atmosphere here, helped in part by the good weather, with ample opportunity to mooch around looking at the cars and chat to their owners. Also well worth a visit is the Museum itself and also the recreation of a trench from the Great War.


Twenty two people headed to the Fat Lamb, a hotel just in Cumbria, for a five day four night stopover. And what a holiday we had. Two transport museums ticked off, a boat ride on Windermere, a trip on a steam train, some fantastic driving roads and a visit to the highest pub in England, what more could you ask for. Well, good company, nice food, great weather and plenty to drink, they were all there in abundance. Everyone had a great time and weíre looking forward to the CCCC visit to the Isle of Man in 2018.


The weather didnít look too bright for our annual barbecue and indeed we put up gazebos aplenty on arrival. Barbecues were assembled, gas bottles connected and burgers burnt! It wasnít long before the crowds started to appear tempted by the tantalising aroma. Burgers and bangers were being dispensed with gay abandon and there was cake to follow, then after that there was an opportunity to participate in one of `Royís Toursí and explore the inner workings of the pumping station. Many members of Claymills Classic Car Club helped out on the night and everyoneís efforts helped raise a grand total of £233-00 towards the clubs nominated charity for 2017, Marie Curie.


An early meet at Ashbourne Cemetery led to a pleasant drive into the Cheshire countryside. Fortunately there was no repeat of our previous excursion around Knutsford which happened last time we headed this way! It was a good show in magnificent surroundings with plenty to see and do and a thoroughly enjoyable day.


We met up bright and early to attend this annual show on the CCCC calendar as parking can be quite tight. We were ushered in and given a prime place, being the largest club in attendance! The weather was a little inclement at first, hampering our cooking activities but we went for an excellent coffee and after an hour or so the rain stopped and we could eat at last. The show was full of all the usual attractions including an impressive display of horsepower of a different kind, Heavy Horsepower with a display of all the four different breeds of heavy Horse. The day concluded with one of our Members, Robin Cann scooping fifth place in the car show, well done Robin.


We were contacted by Peter of Carole Nash about their upcoming Roadshow with Fuzz Townsend at the Coopers Arms. Having been previously and had a great time we rustled up as many members as we could at short notice and said we would see Peter there. We all tipped up at the Coopers Arms early as when we attended previously it was rammed. This time we had our choice of parking spaces in the car park. Perhaps due to the poor weather forecast attendance was poor, but we still had a good time and the carvery was excellent, pork crackling to die for!


Well this was a bit of a Brucie Bonus because as of the last club meet we didnít have a club stand, but thanks to Geoff and Shelley Tunnicliffe who pleaded our case with the organisers we were allocated a pitch. It just goes to show itís not what you know but who you know. The weather again played ball and we were bathed in glorious sunshine for the whole event. There were a total of twenty club cars at the event, a really good showing compared to some of the sparsely populated stands close by, in fact we even had to have a parking marshall, well done Robin.


Ten members set off to Bonnie Scotland to visit this annual car show based in Moffat. Well what can I say an excellent weekend, lots to eat, Scottish, Italian and Indian. Lots to drink, especially many flavoured gins and some good roads to drive on, including a bit of a hill climb. Oh, and there was also a car show on somewhere!


Ten members attended our annual pilgrimage to the Lullington Open Gardens and Classic Car Show. As usual it was business as normal as we were allocated our normal excellent pitch and members mooched, visited gardens or attended the beer festival, shandies only, thanks again to Tony and Pauline Blake for helping to make this a great day.


The CCCC posse met at McDonalds for the hour or so drive to Clumber Park and a new show on what would turn out to be the hottest June day since 1974! All was proceeding well, if a little sweaty, and CCCC members found a nice shady spot to pitch the club gazebo. Unfortunately after a short while it was noticed one of the members was missing, Geoff Tunnicliffe. Due to the incoming traffic it was impossible to send out a search party immediately, but eventually the fourth emergency service, Mark Davies, Robin Cann and the trusty Allegro were dispatched to see if they could locate Geoff, there being no phone signal in Clumber. After two and a half sweaty hours Geoff had been located together with an attending RAC man and Mark and Robin returned. The show itself had more cars than you could point a stick at and the day ended as it had begun, sweaty!


The weather was not looking too good for our members motors evening but we still had a good few cars turn out. Indeed the weather got progressively worse as the evening progressed. This didnít dampen our spirits and again we had tables groaning with food courtesy of the members buffet. Eventually after much studying of form Gayleen Lomas and her lovely Sunbeam Alpine received the Members Motors shield for 2017.


Five cars met at Ashbourne Cemetery for an early 8-00am start for the drive to this show. We then picked up another three members en-route and headed towards Knutsford in Cheshire by an increasingly challenging route courtesy of the sat-nav! We eventually arrived at the show and were shown to our allocated spot, we did manage to park together as we had been unable to book a club stand for this event. Everyone managed to get breakfast out the way before the rain started, it seems to be a recurring theme on recent events, and then everyone went for a mooch around the club stands and the good auotojumble. Rain made its presence felt throughout the day but we still had a good time at an excellent car show. We left in dribs and drabs as traffic thinned, but four club members took a mystery tour around Cheshire attempting to get home. The moral of the story, forget sat-navs and use a map!


Cars were arriving early to get a place on the Croft at this increasingly popular show. CCCC members were lucky in that we had a spot allocated near to the gate that we would be manning throughout the event. Unfortunately not long after arriving the heavens opened and we were cooking in the rain. The weather brightened up for a while and volunteers ably manned the gate, taking donations and flogging programmes. Members came and went as people looked at the cars or went around the garage sales. Later in the afternoon the weather took a turn for the worse and the rain really came down. This brought the show to a premature end and the parade of cars around the village didnít appear to happen. Still, we had a good time and easily had the largest club turnout. The event raised over £6000 for their charitable causes, so thanks to all the volunteers who helped out.


Ten cars wended their way from Ashbourne to Glossop for this annual car show. This year CCCC had a good pitch away from the trees and on arrival the banners were set up and the area appeared to turn into a replica of an army field kitchen, as a plethora of portable stoves appeared from car boots. Unfortunately Andy and Mark forgot one important piece of equipment, namely the frying pan. Not long after breakfast had been consumed the heavens opened and people wandered into town to take shelter in a pub! The day drew to a premature close due to the weather as people wandered of early but not before Andy had taken best in class with his P6 Rover. A well deserved result.


The first wave of CCCC Members met at Uttoxeter for breakfast before heading off to Tenbury Wells where we would be overnighting prior to entering the show on Sunday. We had a steady drive down with a break at Much Wenlock, and we only hit a couple of showers en-route. We arrived in Tenbury Wells in good time; unfortunately the hotel wasnít in Tenbury Wells but about ten miles outside the town which we had failed to notice. Luckily Robin came to the rescue with his sat nav and we duly arrived at the Tally Ho Inn. We spent the evening chatting, eating and drinking damson vodka and rhubarb gin!
It bucketed it down overnight but we set off to the show in fine weather and met up with the other CCCC members who had travelled down on the Sunday. The show followed its usual format and again we spent most of the day car and people watching, eating and drinking tea. The only fly in the ointment was we all got split up on the exit from the show and so had mainly solitary journeys home. Oh, and unlike the previous two shows plenty of toilets, 52 in fact!


Again a regular run out for the Club and this time blessed by reasonable weather. This would be the first time we had used the new Club gazebo, and from what I could see it all went up very smoothly under the watchful eye of Mark. Our location on the field could not have been better as we were directly in front of the hall itself, giving an ideal opportunity for some artistic photos; unfortunately you have to remember to bring your camera with you in the first place! There was a good selection of cars on the field but the same could not be said of the loos, very few and far between and lots of queues. We were joined by two new members, Mark and Angie, who are possibly our two longest distance members hailing from the West Midlands with their Rover P6. We hope you enjoyed the day and will join us again. All in all another great CCCC day out.


This was a new show to CCCC and the day started well with a good weather forecast. We all met up in a convenient layby on the A444 and had a pleasant journey to the show. On arrival we were guided into our positions and we set up shop for the day. Some members went for a train ride, others had a cream tea, some went to the pub whilst others just chewed the fat around the back of their cars. The only downsides of the day were being positioned next to a very dusty road, a very loud fireman, and like Catton, not enough toilets!


This is generally our first large organised club run of the year, and it didnít disappoint. As is normal practice some of our members started the day off early with an excellent breakfast at the Toby Carvery, Yorkshire Pudding with your breakfast, you canít beat it. We then met at our normal meeting point for excursions to the South, the old Little Chef on the A38 near Barton Turns. One of our members had a failure to proceed moment and was left with backup as the rest of the party headed for the Arboretum. On arrival at the NMA we were shepherded into position by the ever efficient marshals and we were set up for the day. The weather was nicely warm and reasonably sunny and everyone in the Club appeared to be having a good time. It was that good that even Graham, who had broken down at the meet point,turned up later on his motorbike. For two members it was their first run out with the CCCC, Ian Sinclair and Ian Press, we hope you enjoyed the day and we havenít put you off! Thanks of course must go to Pauline and Tony Blake for organising the event and making another great day


A lovely bright spring day greeted the CCCC Members who had decided to visit Middleton Hall for its first Sunday Meet of the season. A fuel stop for the inner man and woman at the OK Diner pre-empted a steady drive to the venue. It was a nervous drive for me as I had not been in the Humber for several months and you begin to wonder if all those squeaks were there last time you drove it. We eventually arrived at the venue and got a spot near the walled garden. Mooching, chopsing and eating followed. Twelve CCCC Members were in attendance and it was a really good start to the 2017 season.


What a great evening was had by all the Members on our inaugural Secret Auction. The event was superbly organised by CCCC Members Murray and Chris and bidding wars ensued for amongst other things a JAP engine, a boxed set of `Allo Alloí and a valet kit. A total of £168-00 was raised for our nominated charity of 2017 Marie Curie. We also had a representative from the British Heart Foundation pay us a visit. He received a cheque for £540-00 as this was our nominated charity for 2016. Roy Barrat also received a cheque for £200-00 on behalf of Claymills Pumping Engines Trust.


Our Vision is to offer the best products and services to our customers. To always exceed customer expectations resulting in customer delight. Our mission is to provide highest possible quality at the right price.

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in our vision & mission statements. We exist because of our customer and we are very grateful to our customers who have made us what we are today. We now strive to take our organization to the next level so that we can serve our customers even better and continue to keep them fully satisfied.

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