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Below are some of our members vehicles. They can often be seen in the flesh at the various shows we attend throughout the year. You may be very lucky and catch a sighting of one of the owners, they are naturally very shy but can often be tempted out with the offer of a digestive biscuit and a cup of tea.
If you would like to see your car on this page please e-mail a clear picture to the website administrator giving your name, car make and model, engine size and year of manufacture.
Name:   Mark Davies
Make:    Austin
Model:   Allegro Super DL
Engine:  1275cc
Year:     1978
Name:   John Cann
Make:    Morris
Model:   Traveller
Engine:  1098cc
Year:     1972
PaulBoultonName:   Paul Boulton
Make:    Humber
Model:   Super Snipe
Engine:  2965cc
Year:     1964
MartinBeddowsName:   Martin Beddows
Make:    Morris
Model:   Traveller
Engine:  1098cc
Year:     1970
AndyGreenRoverName:   Andy Green
Make:    Rover
Model:   P6
Engine:  2200cc
Year:     1975
Name:   Robin Cann
Make:    Morris
Model:   Traveller
Engine:  1098cc
Year:     1971
Name:   Phil Bentley
Make:    Mercury
Model:   Montery
Engine:  6.5 litre V8
Year:     1963
Name:   Stephen Bayley
Make:    Ford
Model:   MK1 Fiesta
Engine:  1300S
Year:     1980
StephenBayley2Name:   Stephen Bayley
Make:    Ford
Model:   Mk1 Fiesta Healey Replica
Engine:  1600cc
Year:     1982
Name:   Vic and Marg Clowes
Make:    Ford
Model:   Mustang
Engine:  4000cc
Year:     2005
Name:   Tony Thorpe
Make:    Volkswagen
Model:   Splitscreen Type 2
Engine:  1600cc
Year:     1960
Name:   Graham Traxon
Make:    Hillman
Model:   Imp Deluxe
Engine:  875cc
Year:     1966
GeoffSinclairName:   Geoff Sinclair
Make:    Triumph
Model:   2000 MK II
Engine:  2000cc
Year:     1971

Name:   Colin Hammond
Make:    Austin
Model:   A40 Cambridge
Engine:  1200cc
Year:     1955

Mick_JohnsonName:   Mick Johnson
Make:    MGB
Model:   GT
Engine:  1800cc
Year:     1973
Name:   Roy Barrat
Make:    Morris
Model:   Minor
Engine:  1198cc
Year:     1964
Name:   Tony and Pauline Blake
Make:    Sunbeam
Model:   Talbot 90 MK II A Coupe
Engine:  2200cc
Year:     1951
Name:   Geoff Tunnicliffe
Make:    Morris
Model:   Traveller
Engine:  1098cc
Year:     1969
MurrayJessopName:   Murray Jessop
Make:    Morris
Model:   Minor
Engine:  1098cc
Year:     1970
GaryBradyName:   Gary Brady
Make:    Ford
Model:   Anglia
Engine:  6600cc
Year:     1953
VernonDockseySmallName:   Vernon Docksey
Make:    Austin A40
Model:   Cambridge
Engine:  1200cc
Year:     1955
StevenWoolleySmallName:   Steven Woolley
Make:    Ford
Model:   Anglia DeLuxe
Engine:  997cc
Year:     1967
KevinPoolName:   Kevin Poole
Make:    Mitsubishi
Model:   GTO
Engine:  3000cc
Year:     1993
AlanOrgillName:   Alan Orgill
Make:    Volvo
Model:   480 ES
Engine:  2000cc
Year:     1993

PeterWhiteName:   Peter White
Make:    MGB
Model:   GT
Engine:  1800cc
Year:     1978

ZachTunnicliffeName:  Zach Tunnicliffe
  Mini Ritz
Year:    1985

AlanGough1Name:  Alan Gough
  Maestro EFI
Engine: 1994cc
Year:    1989

AlanGough2Name:  Alan Gough
  Mini Minor
Engine: 850cc
Year:    1966

Members_Cars_-_Ian_SinclairName:   Ian Sinclair
Make:    Porsche
Model:   Boxster
Engine:  2500cc
Year:     1999

Members_Cars_-_Rob_WaleName:   Rob Wale
Make:    Bentley
Model:   Brooklands
Engine:  6750cc
Year:     1994

Members_Cars_-_Ray_WinterName:   Ray Winter
Make:    Austin
Model:   Sprite Mk IV
Engine:  1275cc
Year:     1971

Members_Cars_-_Geoff_Tunnicliffe3Name:   Geoff Tunnicliffe
Make:    MGB
Model:   Roadster
Engine:  1798cc
Year:     1977

Members_Cars_-_Malc_LomasName:   Malc Lomas
Make:    DeLorean DMC 12
Model:   Coupe
Engine:  2849cc
Year:     1981

Name:   Rob Thomas
Make:    Southern Roadcraft
Model:   SRV8
Engine:  3528cc
Year:     1971

Name:   David Hunns
Make:    Sunbeam
Model:   Alpine GT
Engine:  1775cc
Year:     1967

Members_Cars_-_Ian_PressName:   Ian Press
Make:    Volkswagen
Model:   Golf Gls
Engine:  1500cc
Year:     1981

Members_Cars_-_Andy_CoxonName:   Andy Coxon
Make:    Rover
Model:   Mini City
Engine:  1275cc
Year:     1991



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